Electric Guitar Hard Tail Bridge Saddle for 6 String Guitar Chrome

  • Sharpen your V and sweep and U gouges to a razor's edge
  • Features a number of different profiles to match all of your different tools
  • Includes 1 ounce bar of Flexcut Gold Polishing CompoundKeeping tools sharp is the simplest and easiest way to improve your carvingMade in the USA
The SlipStrop from Flexcut is the best way to maintain your tools' edge. It has been specially molded to follow the contours of most V and U gouges, which allows for polishing and deburring the hard-to-reach areas inside of gouges. Includes a small bar of Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound as well as detailed instructions. The SlipStrop is an indispensible tool for anyone who uses gouges, from delicate relief printmakers to mallet wielding carvers, and everyone in between.

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