Coolmusic DK-35 35watts Personal Monitor Amplifier Electric Drum Amplifier PA Workstation Keyboard Speaker and Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

  • Drum amplifier,Designed specifically for percussion sources active monitor speakers. Simple elegant design, cabinet Configuration 2 channels, coaxial speakers can output 10 inches powerful sound
  • Personal monitor amplifier, two channels, a Main EQ with bass/treble controls, a built in reverb with level control, a headphone socket for private listening and a DI output allowing you to connect to a PA or recording.
  • Versatile and Portable PA workstation combo in a irregular shape style cabinet for drop resistance
  • Built-in 2-band EQ to adjust the sound quality. The deep bass drum stable, snare drum thorough bright, lively rhythm toms, cymbals passion point imposing, Dk-35 will bring you a different auditory feast. You can also connect an external CD or MP3 to CD IN jack, follow your favorite music together
  • Not only in terms of electronic drum monitor, it can also log your guitar, keyboard and singing, can meet your different needs and styles.
Rated power: 35W RMS into 4 ohms

Power Consumption: 50watts, 50/60Hz, 110VAC

Channel 1:

microphine: 2K input impedance

Line In:10K input inpedance

Channel 2 (line in)

EQ Systerm

Bass: ±15 dBU at 60Hz

Treble: ±15 dBU at 10Hz

Reverb: Yes

Internal loudspeaker: 10" coaxial loudspeaker

DI Main out: Yes

Headphone: Yes


Dimensions:17*15.4*13.4 inches

Net weight:31.7 lbs

Gross weight:30.86 lbs

Application: Electric drum, Keyboard, Acostic gutar and Bass etc.

The Mic input is designed for low impedance microphone that is balance input.

The line in socket is designed for line level signals such as keyboards, sound modules and sound card.

Both mic and line socket may be used at the same time.

The DK-35 has a built in spring mic reverb, the level of reverb effect is determined by this control(the reverb effect used only for microphone voicing.)

Low/bass control- Rotate the control clockwise to boosted or cut the low frequencies such as bass guitar, kick drums, deep vocals and key below middle on a keyboard.

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