Mugig Guitar Cable 10 Feet for Electric Guitar/Bass/Keyboard Professional Instrument Cable with 1/4 Inch (6.35mm) Straight to Right Angle Tweed Jacket Cord (10 ft)

  • CORE: AWG24 Oxygen-free-copper core, more excellent conductivity, suitable for electric guitar, bass, keyboards, electronic drum to amplifier or other instrument connecting.
  • SHIELDING: Conductive PVC with OFC copper wire Braided shielding, provide excellent anti-interference ability, noiseless and high fidelity.
  • PLUG: Straight to right angle 1/4 inch (6.35mm) heavy duty metal connectors with strong interior solder points.
  • JACKET: Blue/Black tweed woven jacket with 7mm outer diameter, soft but durable
  • WARRANTY: Certified by RoHS and UL compliant, two years warranty and free replacement.

A good cable is just as important as a good guitar or amp. Our Mugig instrument cables are unsurpassed for connecting guitars,basses and keyboards to amps.You can never have too many good cables!


- The cables have Oxygen-Free Copper for both the center conductor and the insulator shield

- The cable have a nice flexible tweed jacket (not the stiff plastic jacket like others sell)

- The cables are double shielded with a Conductive PVC and OFC Insulator Shield


- Plugs:6.3mm mono plug with nick finish,straight to "L" shape

- Length:10 feet

- Conductor:1C X AWG24

- PE insulator

- Conductive PVC

- 99% Helical sheild


- 1* 10 feet cable

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Warranty: All products we sell can be change and refunded in six months. if you have any problems, Pls feel free to contact us.

Note: We have improved our production process, and we attach a "mugig" label to mark the privous ones. We guirantee that all of them are mugig cables and have same good quality.

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