Zoom H6 Handy Recorder Bundle with Zoom APH-6 Accessory Pack, Gear Bag, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth

  • Easy-to-change input capsules
  • Six-track simultaneous recording
  • Four versatile mic/line inputs with XLR/TRS combo connectors
  • Full-color LCD display
  • Gain control knobs & -20dB pads for each input
Adding value to your purchase, Austin Bazaar bundles your instrument with necessary accessories. Everything you need to start playing immediately comes in one box. Save yourself the hassle and save some money while you're at it. An Austin Bazaar polishing cloth is included so you can keep your new instrument in mint condition.

The Zoom H6 Handy Recorder offers the convenience & adaptability you need for on-the-go recording. With advanced preamps and four interchangeable input capsules (X/Y, MS, Shotgun & Dual XLR/TRS Combo), you'll never miss an opportunity. This Zoom Recorder will easily capture sound anywhere, from live recordings, pro videos or a live broadcast.


The Zoom H6 offers four primary inputs, plus 2 secondary inputs which are obtained from the capsule that is inserted into the unit. The X/Y capsule also provides a secondary input for connecting an external mic or line-level signal via stereo 1/8" mic/line in mini phone jack. This connection mutes the signal from the X/Y microphones.

All four main H6 inputs are combo connectors that can accept either XLR or 1/4" balanced or unbalanced phone cables. Both mic and line-level signals are manageable, so either external microphones or line-level devices like mixers, electric guitars, music players & other active electronic devices can be connected. The Zoom H6 internally switches contacts automatically with circuit detection.

All 6 of the inputs have a dedicated gain control knob. The four main inputs and the EXH-6 capsule feature a -20dB pad so you can prevent distortion with high-level signals. This allows the H6 to input a signal 30dB louder and 14dB softer than any other Handy Recorder model. All capsules utilize 5 volt preamps for distortion free recording. Even if you're using long cables, a built-in instrumentation amp allows signals to be transmitted with minimal noise.

A high-quality condenser microphone is no problem for the Zoom H6, as an easy m

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