Rowin 2.4GHz Wireless Guitar System Transmitter Receiver Adapter Kit with 6.35mm Adjustable Plug, Rechargeable Battery for Electric Musical Instrument Bass Guitar

  • Guitar wireless system with 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver offers a cable free set up for you to play your music with your instrument, no more cable tangle while playing;
  • 12ms minimal latency with sampling rate at 24bit/48kHz ensures the unnoticeable transfer delay and keeps the clarity of each beat you play;
  • Guitar wireless transmitter and receiver with transfer frequency at 2.4GHz allows long distance signal transfer with the distance ranges from 15m to 30m;
  • Support 6 devices working together with the same receiver, 8 hours performance time with rechargeable battery, perfect for playing on stage for a gig or practice at home with aux in connection for monitoring;
  • Plug and play, compact design with adjustable plug that will fits in all the guitars and keyboards; Lightweight with plastic material, easy to carry around;
Rowin WS-20 Guitar wireless system offers an easy and affordable way for you to set up wireless signal transfer system between your guitar and the amp;

Perfect for playing with cable-free to rock on the stage, play for a gig or practice at home;

Easy to set up, plug and play;

No More Cable Tangle, Focus More on Music

Wireless transmitter and receiver supports signal transfer without any cable tangle around, so you can focus more on music playing;

Supports max transfer distance of 30m that allows you to walk around your audience without worrying about the audio cables tangled around;

The Clarity of Music

The Rowin wireless guitar system offers an impressive 105db dynamic range for your music with 12ms latency that assure you hear what you play;

The wireless system offers crystal sampling at 24bit/48kHz and frequency range spanning 20hz to 20kHz for pure clarity of your performance;


2.4Ghz uncompressed transmit;

105db dynamic range;

24Bit/48kHz sampling;

1100mAh battery;

Around 8 hours working time;

Around 4 hours charging time;

30m max signal range;

180 degrees rotatable plug;

Support 6 sets of devices working simultaneously;

Package Content

Wireless guitar transmitter * 1

Wireless guitar receiver * 1

Charger cable * 1

User manual * 1

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