Neewer 2.4GHZ Wireless Rechargeable Guitar Transmitter Receiver, Wireless Guitar System with Battery Indicator Function (NW-20)

  • TRANSMISSION RANGE: With a transmission distance about 30 metres, don't have to deal with messy cords on stage, you are afforded the freedom to roam the stage for a truly dynamic performance
  • IMPRESSIVE BATTERY LIFE: Built-in 1100mAh rechargeable lithium battery, long working hours, and with USB port for charging. With a 5 hour charge time offering 7-8 hours performance. Ultra-short delay of 12ms ensures minimal latency, sampling rate at 24Bit/48kHz optimizes signal clarity
  • WIDELY USED: Suitable for all electric musical instruments such as electric guitar,acoustic guitar,violin,bass and keyboards etc. 180-degree rotatable 1/4-inch plug is available for instruments with input jack in different positions
  • OPTIMAL CHOICE: 2.4GHz band is optimal for guitar wireless, supports 6 sets of devices working at same time, one to one
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Plastic(ABS) Construction; Handy pocket-sized forms; Lightweight; Easy-to-us, plug and play


The Neewer NW-20 Guitar Wireless System offers a reliable and affordable way to transmit your guitar (or any other electric musical instrument) signal, enabling you to break free from using cables.

Don't have to deal with messy cords on stage, freedom to roam with an impressive 30 metres signal distance range. Extremely reliable for any gigging musicians.

The NW-20 comes in the handy pocket-sized forms of a transmitter and its corresponding receiver.

The design makes it very easy to use: simply plug in each unit into your guitar and corresponding amp/pedal chain, each unit will talk to each other and sync up, then you are good to go.

The red light is connection indicator and the blue light is battery level indicator.


Plug: 180-degree rotatable 1/4'' Plug

Material: Plastic(ABS)

Dimensions: 1.7x0.7x5.5 inches/4.3x1.8x14 cm

Weight: 9.4 oz/267 g

Power: 1100mAh lithium battery, USB port for charging

Package Contents:

1x Transmitter

1x Receiver

1x USB cable

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