TimbreGear Beast Chromatic Clip-On Tuner For - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Banjo + Includes 20 celluloid Guitar Picks .46mm .71mm .81mm .96mm 1.2mm (Pitch Black)

  • ENGINEERED FOR ULTRA FAST PRECISE TUNING: So you are perfectly in-tune every time you play. The internal micro sensor uses vibrations to detect what key you play and will not be affected by external noise making it the smart choice for every musician
  • TOUGH BUILT: The all new TimbreGear Beast tuner will handle your long gigs and on-the-road good use with its strong Clip and tuner head design
  • SUPER BRIGHT: Full color screen display effectively eliminating any second guessing unlike other guitar tuners that are hard to read
  • 20 QUALITY GUITAR PICKS: Each one gold stamped with .mm size and thickness in 5 different gauges, will enable every playing style. A unique tuner and guitar picks gear-pack with amazing value
  • 3 YEAR 'ITS-WORKING -GREAT WARRANTY': Timbregear products are known to hold up to good use. If anytime in the next 3 years your TimbreGear stops performing well, return it for a full refund- no questions asked!
THE MOST UNIQUE VALUE PACKED GEAR BUNDLE ON THE MARKET! If you are looking for quality guitar-gear, super packed with style, convenience, and value then LOOK NO MORE! Our precision bright color display tuner is durable, fun,and downright cool - also available in 4 really sleek colors making it the smart choice for every savvy musician.Unlike similar products on Amazon, the TimbreGear Beast tuner Gear-pack includes 20 high quality guitar picks in 5 gold stamped gauges giving you more options then any other guitar pick bag. A gear pack oozing with buy-me-now qualities is an excellent gift idea for the musician you know and cherish. Built to last long and the TimbreGear proud promise to provide you with exceptional products and superb attention to every detail are all the reasons to add- to-cart and enjoy the gear you will love.

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