Nady Wireless Instrument Microphone (DKW-8U-GT-ANY)

  • Ideal entry-level system - all the advantages and freedom of wireless operation without cumbersome cords: includes a wireless Body pack and a receiver - great system for live performance, rehearsal or recording
  • Operates on a single channel in the High-band UHF range for reliable, interference-free performance, and excellent high-fidelity audio. 150+ ft. Typical operating range - up to 300+ ft. Line-of-sight
  • Included Wgt wireless Body pack provides easy operation with on/standby/off switch and low-battery LED indicator which flashes once for "unit on" and lights steady for low-battery alert. Standby position allows easy muting with the transmitter on
  • Body pack provides easily accessible input level adjust for optimum sound, and up to 10 hours of wireless operation on a single 9V alkaline battery. Locking 3.5mm mini-jack provides secure connection for removable instrument Cable
  • Dkw-8u receiver with power on/off switch, ¼" Audio output jack, and easily visible LED indicators for power on, transmitter on and audio peak
The best value in guitar wireless systems! Easy to set up and operate, at a price that can’t be beat! The Nady dkw-8u gt is a cost effective UHF wireless guitar/ instrument system. It's easy to use and only takes a few minutes to set up.
delivering clear, transparent, high-fidelity audio, the dkw-8u gt systems can be used with a broad range of instruments with an audio output, including electric guitar, bass and other instruments with pickups. It features an advanced audio processing circuitry for a wide dynamic range - no overloading for loud inputs or background hiss during quiet use. This system comes complete with everything you need to plug in to a PA or guitar amplifier… including a connecting ¼”- to - ¼” Audio cable. Just install a fresh battery (not included) in the body pack, connect the AC adapter to the receiver and to a power outlet, turn it on, and you are done! This affordable and reliable system couldn’t be easier to set up and to use! Specifications:


frequency response: 50hz-16khz, 3db

dynamic range: 120db

total harmonic distortion receiver:

squelch: fixed

controls: volume controls> connectors: DC in: (2.1mm barrel), unbalanced out: ¼” Jack

LED indicators: power on, signal, AF LEDs

unwanted signal Rejection: 60dB image and spurious


audio input: 3.5mm Locking mini-jack

controls: on/standby/off, input level control, Internal gt/HM/lt switches

RF power out: 20mW> harmonic and spurs < -50db

indicators: single LED, flash once “on”, low bat “steady on”.

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