ASCENDAS Folk Acoustic Guitar PICKUP, A-201 Guitar Equalizer Piezo Pickup Amplifier Tuner with 6.35mm output jack (Without microphone)

  • A miniature onboard preamp built into an elongated endpin jack.
  • Easy to install, no need for cutting a big hole on the edge of it.
  • Piezo soft pickup stick adapt to all kinds guitar.
  • High quality materials and exquisite technic.
  • High performance and high sensitivity perfect reproduction of your guitar sound.
Product Feature:

The Piezo pickup soft stick Suitable for all types of guitar. Reproduces the sound of your instrument faithfully. No sound will be lost and no hum created.

Provides singing, soft trebles and smooth bass. The streamlined and efficient design removes every unnecessary internal component to improve the coupling between the transducer and the guitar.

This substantially improves the sensitivity of the transducer for a robust, lively and open sound with great dynamics and a delicate high end.

Easy to install, no need for cutting a big hole on the edge of it.

Whether you're using nylon or steel strings, this high quality endpin jack preamp with metal material body will enhance the sound of your guitar and give it a purer acoustic tone With the Volume and Tone control Standard 1/4 inch 6.35mm output jack.

Package Included: 1 x Endpin jack preamp pickup 1 x 9V battery bag 1 x Piezo soft pickup

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The product you are purchasing requires careful installation. Please consult a professional, if you are uncertain about the process. If you are not happy with the fit, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide more details upon request.

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